The house of the future, finally becoming a reality. – Samsung Canada Newsroom

The house of the future, finally becoming a reality.  – Samsung Canada Newsroom

the most recent Artificial Intelligence TV Samsung strives to improve the visual experience and integrate cutting-edge technologies into people's daily lives so seamlessly that they barely notice.

the television Samsung artificial intelligence QLED NEO 8K 2024 QN900DIt is equipped with an 8K NQ8 AI Gen3 processor, which is the company's most powerful processor to date, in addition to a neural processing unit (NPU) that is twice as fast as its predecessor. Samsung's new AI TV features eight times larger neural networks (512 instead of 64), analyzing and optimizing content in real time, delivering superior picture and sound quality, elevating the TV experience to a new level that puts viewers at the center of attention.

Total immersion with AI photo technology

Watching a tennis match with Samsung AI TV is like sitting in the front row. Every serve and every ball comes alive in the living room.

This immersive experience is made possible by the 8K Pro's AI Upscaling technology and AI Motion Enhancer, which work together to generate exceptional clarity by sharpening low-resolution content and reducing image distortion and blurring.

Excellent sound

Authentic sound is just as important. Thanks to AI, dialogue is crystal clear, even in a noisy environment. Active Voice Amplifier Pro distinguishes between voices and background noise, eliminating any form of noise so viewers hear only what is important.

When watching a movie with Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Pro, viewers are no longer spectators, they are in the character's shoes and hear everything that is happening in all directions.

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Easy and precise adjustment

Thanks to improved AI, viewers can sit back and relax. This feature automatically adjusts your TV settings for an optimal viewing experience. Likewise, gamers don't have to worry about adjusting picture or sound thanks to the AI-powered autoplay mode, which recognizes game titles and genres, and automatically optimizes settings for an enhanced experience.

AI Power Mode saves power by using sensors to analyze ambient light before automatically adjusting the brightness of your Samsung AI TV screen. Likewise, the TV's processor can recognize movement on the screen and change the screen brightness.

Samsung Tizen OS makes Samsung AI TV more than just an entertainment center. As a personal curator, the OS personalizes content to users' preferences while protecting their privacy with Samsung Knox.

At best, life-enriching technology remains in the background, present, without being intrusive. Samsung AI TV pushes the boundaries of audio and visual experiences, personalized experiences, and improves sustainability, all by powering artificial intelligence.

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