The French are reluctant to give up meat

The French are reluctant to give up meat

If you need additional proof of the French’s association with meat, here’s it. According to a study conducted by Yougov in 26 countries last April, only a quarter of French people (25%) consider a meat-free diet to be healthier. Globally, nearly 4 in 10 people (39%) agree, which is a much higher percentage. In detail, there are many differences depending on the geographical area.

Some Asian countries are more convinced (57% in India, 47% in the Philippines, 44% in Indonesia and Vietnam for example), China and the United States respectively show 37% and 33% positive responses. The study also indicates that the percentage of respondents (neither agree nor disagree) is lowest in Germany (13%), while nearly half of the respondents are in China (46%) and Hong Kong (44%).

In Europe, this statement is supported by 38% of Germans, 30% of Portuguese, 29% of Italians, and 28% of Spaniards, British and Greeks. Only two countries – Hungary with 18% and Japan with 14% – show an even more unfavorable opinion than France. Should we view this as a sign of a pure and simple rejection of a meat-free diet? Away from this. At the same time, more than one in two Germans (53%) plan to reduce their consumption of meat and dairy products. The same is true for 44% of the Portuguese and 37% of the French.

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