The Fortnite leak spoils a few big surprises to come

The Fortnite leak spoils a few big surprises to come

new It is an electronic game The leak has spoiled some of the big surprises coming that Epic Games appears to have in action for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile battle royale players. Epic Games rarely surprise players with content because it all leaks out early and the aforementioned content is also being worked on, through game files. And that is exactly what happened again.

Looking at the latest update files for the game, the FNBRUnreleased data operator noticed that both Ballers and Hoverboards have been updated, which are vehicles not currently in the game, indicating that they are working on them, and of course this in turn indicates that they are returning at some time in the near future.

In addition to Ballers and Hoverboards, Epic Games has also updated Golf Carts, another fan-favorite vehicle we haven’t seen in a while. Again, does that mean golf carts are coming back? Not necessarily, but it’s also unclear why these specific files are updated.

For now, the leaks above leave much room for speculation. While evidence indicates that all three of these compounds have returned, the files do not indicate when they will. If there is real work for them to get them back and live in the game, you’d assume that they will return sooner rather than later, but for now, this is just speculation. And if they come back, let’s hope it isn’t with fuel.

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It is an electronic game Available for free on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices. For more coverage on the popular and free Battle Royale game, click here or check out the related links below:

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