The first two characters of the game have been revealed

GTA 6, the biggest game in history?

After nearly ten long years, a new GTA is finally on the horizon. Rockstar has announced that it is working on a new part of the license, which, if not named, has a very good chance of being GTA 6.

Five years after the release of Mumtaz Red Dead Redemption 2Expectations are very high for the next game from Rockstar Games. After the severe domination of global sales in this sector with GTA 5 and GTA Online, the development studio is eagerly awaited by gamers.

when we see What does the game look likeHopes allowed. In the meantime, fans are trying to figure out every bit of information available to get an idea of ​​what the game will be like.

The first actors revealed

After lifting the veil on The first songs of the gamethe insider @matheusbr9895_ He took an extra step in his discovery, announcing the first two actors who would be working on the project.

first there Jorge Consego. This is not the first time that the Mexican actor has been associated with GTA 6. In 2020, the comedian announced in his autobiography that he had played “Mexican” role As part of the game, the telenovelas actor announced that he mocked the messages after discovering this information He couldn’t say more than that, due to severe contractual obligations. A way to confirm his involvement without wanting to?

Another actor revealed before @matheusbr9895_ east Jay Fort. Unknown to the general public, the actor is particularly known for his work in dubbing scene. Prolific on television in minor roles, the actor appeared especially in the series The Sopranos.

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If these representatives are unknown to you, do not panic. The GTA series has a habit of taking comedians off the radar. Respected translators of Trevor, Michael and Franklin in GTA 5, Stephen Ogg, Ned Lockeand Shawn Fonteno It was thus largely removed from the system prior to participating in game development.

At the moment, if it seems impossible to know the significance of the roles that the two actors will play in the game, their presence in GTA 6 does not seem to be in doubt.

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