The Epic Games Store was not shocked by the presentation of Death Stranding

The Epic Games Store once again held a Christmas event, offering several games through December 29th. And among the big free names that players have been able to download, there is one in particular that left an impression… Unfortunately, technical difficulties and some confusion spoiled the party.

For years, the Epic Games Store has been offering free Christmas titles. This year was no exception, with gifts delivered between December 15th and 29th. Every day was a party with sandAnd the Wolfenstein: The New Order or Metro Last Light Redux christmas eve. But on December 25th, the Epic Games Store caused quite a stir.

Error editing Death Stranding

The publisher has already agreed with Kojima Productions to offer a minimum of Store Users to Store Users Death delinquency. The game, which was released in 2020, saw a resurgence in popularity during the recent Game Awards: during the ceremony, Hideo Kojima announced that a sequel is in the works. In addition to the hype around the title, gamers felt wind that the game Epic offered was not the standard edition, but the director’s edition!

A good bargain, knowing that this version contains additional intrigue and additional functionality. Unfortunately, the Epic servers (which have seen others so far) haven’t taken the load. For most of December 25th, it was impossible to download the game, and even worse, for some users, the Epic Games Store’s storefront switched to Chinese.

Eventually, things gradually returned to normal, and to allow as many players as possible to receive their gift, Epic left it online until December 26th. Even if it was in fact the Director’s Cut, it was indeed the standard edition that was given away for free… However, this special edition is 40% less expensive, just $6.

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