The Epic Games app that turns your photos into 3D models is coming to iOS

The Epic Games app that turns your photos into 3D models is coming to iOS

RealityScan is available for iOS and iPadOS. Perfect for simply making 3D models of real objects.

Epic Games released recently reality scan for iOS. The free app, available so far in closed beta, allows anyone to scan real-world objects with their phone and turn them into high-resolution 3D models.

RealityScan is available for iOS and iPadOS

This app is the result of Epic’s acquisition of Capturing Reality, a photogrammetry company. such as desktop software, reality scan Combines 2D images to create 3D content for games and other virtual environments. The idea is to allow developers and other creators to scan real objects anywhere, anytime for their projects. (If the metaverse ever launches, you can imagine these tools will become essential.)

The scanning process requires you to first sign in with your Epic Games account and take at least 20 photos of the item from all angles. By moving your phone, you will have an indication of the quality of the scan in real time. In green are well-covered areas, in yellow those that require more attention, and in red those that need more shots. Everything is organized as if you had it Polaroid float around your object.

Perfect for simply making 3D models of real objects

The app automatically uploads and aligns photos to the cloud as you take snapshots. You have a preview of the model via the camera view and can switch whenever you want between viewing quality for scanning and model in creation, with color rendering in real time. When you want to mow, you have 3D handles available to maneuver and hold only the object that interests you, without the ground or objects in the background.

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The process is more efficient, logically, with objects scanned under uniform indirect illumination and of fairly large size. to look. No doubt this will improve with releases.

Once you’re satisfied with your capture, you can export it to Sketchfab, a 3D platform acquired by Sketchfab epic games last year, and do whatever you want with it. If you scan something very unique, you can also try selling your 3D model. Game developers who need a specific component of a virtual environment are the target audience for this type of transaction.

RealityScan is Available for free for iOS and iPadOS onapp store. A few months ago, Epic announced that the robot It will arrive before the end of the year, but unfortunately there is not much time left to meet this deadline.

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