The end of American democracy

The end of American democracy

A large portion of the American people no longer believe in elections. This is very dangerous.

Yesterday, Joe Biden said that American democracy can no longer be taken for granted. Already, Republicans claim loud and clear, but without any evidence, that the midterms were marred by fraud.

In the midterm elections, the issue is not so much the results in Congress as the many local elections that are taking place at the same time across the country.

Republican strategists want to make Democratic voters believe their votes won’t matter. Either because the stakes have already been raised, or because election governors are Republicans who will refuse to validate results that would benefit Democrats.

The first electoral maneuver is fair game. It is often used to unilaterally dissuade voters from voting.

On the other hand, the second maneuver is undemocratic. All candidates participating in the elections must accept the ballot box results in advance. Especially when there is no sign of widespread fraud.

It must be remembered that, despite the accusations of the Republicans, no widespread fraud was proven in the United States during the past elections. At most a few anecdotal cases have been reported. The same goes for the first early or remote vote in the midterm elections.

long ago

The drift in the American electoral system began a long time ago, with extreme partisan constituency formation, and has continued more recently, with restrictions on electoral expenditures rejected, the gift of a hateful ruling from the US Supreme Court. .

The current threats to democracy are more serious than the previous ones because they are cultural in nature, because they are based on the transformation of individual mindsets.

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Remarkably, a new anti-democratic political culture is taking shape around Donald Trump, a man who suffers from advanced narcissism and thus cannot imagine he can lose.

Rational arguments have almost no bearing on proponents of this new political culture. For them, all that matters is victory, that is, maintaining their grip on power. Moreover, Trumpian Republicans have virtually no electoral platform.

Democratic Responsibilities

Democrats are partly to blame for the democratic drift, as they have little to offer to so-called independent voters. Democratic leaders make up an aging system of government that throws out many good, younger candidates. The awakened Democratic wing displeases the vast majority of Americans. The apathetic Democratic rhetoric about the economy has been poorly received.

Democrats are guilty of not being able to field strong candidates against Trump and his gang.

But beware, as American cultural imperialism overwhelms us, this anti-democratic current has already crossed our borders. will swell.

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