The eighty doctor was imprisoned after the death of the patient

The eighty doctor was imprisoned after the death of the patient

An eight-year-old doctor, who has already been suspended in the UK for lying about his age, was sentenced to three years in prison on Tuesday after admitting responsibility for the death of a patient after a botched diagnosis.

Isiyaka Maman, 85, who was born in Nigeria, had already made two similar mistakes before the death of one of his patients in September 2018. According to his colleagues, he should have retired years ago.

At Manchester court, a doctor admitted to the murder of 48-year-old Shahida Parveen, a mother of three.

Mr Maman allegedly used the wrong needle in the wrong place during a bone marrow biopsy, when the needle hit the heart and caused severe internal bleeding.

Judge Amanda Yip sentenced him to three years in prison, calling the case “disturbing” due to past mistakes by the doctor and doubts about his age.

“It is hard to understand why these incidents did not lead to retirement.” “Likewise, it’s hard to understand why the hospital didn’t do more and why it allowed you to continue working,” Yip said.

Becoming a doctor in Nigeria in 1965 Mr Mamman started at the NHS, the British Public Health Service, in 1991 but his ‘real age’ is subject to ‘controversy’ due to the lack of a birth certificate, which has been considered by a court.

During his internship, he claimed to have been born in 1936 but told the NHS that he was born in 1941. In 2001, as he approached the mandatory retirement age then set at 65, he gave a new birth year, 1947, which he used in his naturalization application to become a citizen Britain.

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Le régulateur de l’Ordre des médecins l’avait suspendu 12 mois en 2004 pour avoir menti sur son âge, car s’il était né en 1947, cela aurait voulu dire qu’il aurait commencé ses études de médecine à l’âge 10 years…

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