The “decomposing” body of a woman was left for three days in a room in a rehabilitation center

The “decomposing” body of a woman was left for three days in a room in a rehabilitation center

A New York rehab center will face justice after leaving a patient’s body to “decompose” for several days, according to the victim’s niece.

Jean Brian, 86, died on September 4 at the Upper East Side rehab center. She had entered there three months earlier, after hitting her head in her home in Williamsburg, and New York Post.

According to the lawsuit, the remains of M.I Brian reportedly remained in her central room for two or three days without refrigeration until she was taken to the morgue.

Meanwhile, the deceased’s niece, Xiomara Nichols, claimed that her aunt “planned everything in advance” regarding the funeral arrangements, which were supposed to make it easy for the funeral home. However, the salon contacted him only a week later, regretting the condition of M’s body.I Brian, whose remains were “so decomposed that they were invisible,” according to the funeral foundation.

Almost a year after the events, Mr.I Events still shake Nichols. “When I saw his body, he was really devastated. Nobody could have prepared me for this,” she said.

But the plight of the relatives of MI Brian was just getting started, with the funeral service not taking place until a month after his death on 1Verse October. During her life, Jean Brian managed to get a beautiful open casket and wanted to embalm. However, his body was too damaged to be detected. So it was burned.

She was a very respectable woman, very strong and very beautiful. She showed me what she wanted me to wear when she died. m . saidI Nicholas.

The funeral home also deplored the situation, blaming the rehabilitation institution. “The nursing home did not do what the relay service asked of them. This is a common problem in nursing homes because they do not have proper refrigeration services for their clients,” said Lydia Thompson, director of Woodward’s funeral home.

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A spokesperson for the rehabilitation center disputed this version of events.

According to the facility, Jean Brian died around 6:30 p.m. on September 4 and her body was retrieved by the city medical examiner’s office around 5 a.m. on September 6, said spokesman Michael Balboni, who added that the facility was “sorry for the loss.” from the family” but described the timing of his remains going to the mortuary as “customary.”

Jane Bryan’s family is seeking total compensation of $175,000.

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