The death of the Portuguese “tragic hero”

One of Portugal’s most famous and controversial figures passed away on Sunday 25 July. Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho died in the Military Hospital in Lisbon at the age of 84, and will remain for many the “military mind” of the Carnation Revolution in 1974. Referred to simply by his first name in Portugal, “Otelo” appears in one of the country’s major newspapers, Monday 26 July.

It was he who, while commanding, anonymously led the entire “April Commanders” rebellion. This put an end, one morning, practically without bloodshed, to more than forty years of Salazar rule and The longest dictatorship in XXAnd the century in EuropePortuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa said on Sunday. The latter welcomed a “Code”who worked “Strategic and Operational” allowed forOpening the way to democracy. For others, Otilo remains a troubling revolutionary, convicted of terrorism.

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In her newsletter on Monday, Martim Silva, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Weekly espresso, written in the preamble : “If we can say of a person that we owe him liberty, that is one of the first names to come up with.” But a moderate journalist nonetheless:

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