The creator of this worldwide hit sci-fi series wants two more seasons! “I've been very clear”

The creator of this worldwide hit sci-fi series wants two more seasons! “I've been very clear”

Netflix's new superhero series, SupraCell, has been a huge hit on the streaming platform. Among the top 10 series in France and around the world since its release two weeks ago, the series must have at least three seasons if we are to believe its creator.

You might think that another series of super zeros wouldn't work, but it seems that this type is still of interest. Sometimes compared Boys, Supercella new Netflix original, follows ordinary black Londoners from the south of the English capital who, overnight, gain superpowers.

The characters often face racism and discrimination, and the story will prove that being a superhero unfortunately does not change society.

I wondered what these people would really do with these powers. Save the world or improve your family's lot? And would black people have a genuine understanding of their role, given their social status?“The series' creator, British rapper Rapman, told US media, Delivery time.

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At least two more seasons?

If there's no news yet about a second season of the sci-fi series, in an interview with Radio Times, Rapman revealed that he told Netflix that he wanted at least three seasons in total so that the story would be as complete as possible.

I told them I wanted three seasons. I guess we'll have to see how the first season goes…

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