The case of the alien mass appeared in New Brunswick

It all begins with anxiety or depression, followed by unexplained pain in the arms and legs, accompanied by tremors and hallucinations … Then the disturbances of memory, language and balance begin. focus on this strange relationship which took place in New Brunswick, Canada.

This mysterious disease gnaws at about fifty people in New Brunswick, Canada: as many women as men, from 18 to 85. The first case dates back to 2013 but wasn’t diagnosed until 2020, after three county neurologists saw patients with common characteristics. The symptoms were initially thought to be Creutzfeldt-Jakob neurodegenerative disease, the human equivalent of mad cow disease. “But surprisingly, only nine patients died. However, nearly all Creutzfeldt-Jakob patients die within two years.” , notes William Camus, a neurologist at Montpellier University Hospital. And it turned out that all the tests that were carried out to detect this pathology were negative …

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so what ? The disturbing hypothesis appears for an environmental reason. because It’s already a block Most of the patients live in the southeast of the governorate. For Aller Marrero, a neurologist at Moncton University Hospital who has reported the majority of cases, this syndrome can be linked to a neurotoxin produced by cyanobacteria, which can be found in seafood from this area known globally for fishing. Studies have shown that beta-methylamino-lalanine (BMAA), suspected of being linked to cases of Charcot’s disease, can accumulate in oysters, mussels or crabs, among other places, and activate degeneration.

shocking investigation

“It’s an introduction, but we lack the data to establish an association between BMAA and disease” , admits Emily Lans, an environmental toxicologist at the University of Reims. In October 2021, Thunder Bombed: New Brunswick Public Health swept this path in its epidemiological report: “No particular behavior, food, or environmental exposure can be identified as a potential risk factor.” Hasty conclusion according to neurologists: phone survey, Only performed on 34 patients.

This report has no medical considerations. William Camus confirms. Even the autopsy results may call into question the existence of a new disease: the patients could have been misdiagnosed, some with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Lewy body diseases … The problem: the presence of neurotoxins in the tissues of the dead or in the environment has not been tested From before. Much to the dismay of Alier Marrero who claims to see new patients with the syndrome, especially young adults. They will now be over a hundred. Everyone fears that the second public health report, promised in the coming weeks, will be a definitive sign that investigations are over.

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