The authorities are trying to stop the spread of dengue fever in Martinique

The authorities are trying to stop the spread of dengue fever in Martinique

Dengue is gaining ground in Martinique. Since the start of the year, twenty cases have been identified in the province, including 12 in the Bellefond area of ​​Sainte-Anne alone.

Pedal to escape from mosquitoes. The solution appears to be paying off for two athletes on a week-long vacation in St. Ann’s.

Around them, many neighbors have contracted dengue. “But here there is nothing to report.rejoices a vacationer who nevertheless takes precautions by protecting himself, among other things, with repellent products.

A few blocks away, Marinette and Frances were less fortunate. Both were infected a week after their arrival in the territory. The husband (in his 70s) had to go to the hospital. His wife resisted better.

More than half of the dengue cases reported in Martinique since the beginning of the year come from this Sainte-Anne region. The virus continues to spread despite the three anti-mosquito campaigns carried out by CTM teams.

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Dengue fever in Saint Ann

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Vigilance is essential for everyone. Because it is in our immediate environment that the mosquito responsible for dengue fever develops. Therefore, protecting yourself and eliminating standing water around the house becomes a measure for citizens. to keep the most fragile.

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