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The “Première”, an annual gathering presented by the National Center for Contemporary Arts de Meymac, is part of this year’s Franco-Portuguese season, which takes place in both countries simultaneously. This temporary exhibition invites you to discover a selection of young graduates from the Portuguese and French art schools. For this cross season, Caroline Bessier and Jean-Paul Blanchett have co-curated work for Mimac and Andrea Magalhaes for Portugal. The exhibition is presented until January 15 in Meymac, and from April 6 to June 18, 2023, at the Centro de Arte Oliva São João da Madeira in Portugal.

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Caroline Besser explains: “Every year, Jean-Paul Blanchett and I try to diversify the exhibitions of the ‘Premiere’. We have exported to Toulouse, Bordeaux or Brive. We have entrusted the task of curation to young art historians, and this year we present a Franco-Portuguese exhibition, thanks to the connections that have been made. Previously falsified on the “Portuguese Variations” staged in 2018 which was highly acclaimed by the Portuguese cultural community. »

Thus the Meymacois Arts Center developed links with the Portuguese art scene by submitting an application, in 2019, with Gabriel Garcia for a mega advent calendar and supporting the first exhibition of Portuguese artist Nuno Lopes Silva.

Eight art schools

“Since 1995, the Arts Center has, every fall, exhibited the work of young artists who graduated from the partner art schools year, often for the first time, in an institutional space, allowing them to stand on one foot in the stirrups of professionalism. Caroline Bessier, Director, explains that each A session that makes it possible to write down emerging interests, and all disciplines combined.The curators of the Franco-Portuguese exhibition implemented this special edition in partnership with eight art schools spread between France and Portugal: the European School of Image of Poitiers and Angouleme, the National School of Art in Bourges, and the Ecole Superieure of Arts in Clermont-Metropolis. and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Art School of Limoges, France Faculdades de Belas-Artes da Universiade in Lisbon and Porto, Escola Superior de Artes e Design de Caldas da Raihna in Lisbon and Lira, Escola Superior Artística do Porto in Porto, Portugal.

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21 French and Portuguese artists

The curators selected the young artists by going to interview them after they obtained their degrees at each institution, and designed the exhibition from a selection of about twenty artists. They were selected for the quality of their work keeping in mind the principle that all original institutions will be represented in the final selection by at least one artist. “This year, the gallery has taken over the entire arts center,” Carolyn Besser continues. We note the high quality of the work of these young artists. The issue of gender is very present among Portuguese artists and concern for the environment is important among French artists with a resurgence, attracting artisanal practices.”

Selected Artists: Jane Andreu, David Astassi, Beatrice Coelho, Léa Deveniel, Sar Flore, Erika Fornell, Ana Gianferrari, Pedro Goncalves Ribeiro, Miguel Angelo Marquez, Gael Masot, Ines Mendes, Emma Merlet, Arminah Neghadari, Maria Peña, Flavia Regaldo, Pierre Richard, Mario Santos, Ines da Silva Vieira, Andre Vaz, Justin Villemer. Practice.

The fair is from Tuesday to Sunday, until January 15, including public holidays, from 2 pm to 6 pm. Information on

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