Ten killed, including three children, in house fire in the United States

Ten people, including three children, died Friday in a house fire in the eastern state of Pennsylvania, police said in a statement.

Rescuers intervened early Friday morning at a home in Neskopic, a small town in the east of the state, and “10 victims” including “three minors” were found “dead in the building,” Pennsylvania police said in a statement sent to the agency. France Press.

The police added that three adults were able to get out of the fire safely, but did not provide explanations about the causes of the fire that completely destroyed the house.

Photos from the American media show the ruins of a building that has been completely devoured by fire, and the walls are charred.

The ages of the three children are two boys and a girl, five, six and seven. The other seven victims ranged in age from 19 to 79.

He told the New York Times that Harold Baker, a firefighter from Nskobek called up overnight to the scene of the fire, lost two of his children and identified eight of the 10 victims.

At the beginning of the year, two horrific fires broke out in the northeastern United States: 17 people, including eight children, were killed on January 9 in a building in the working-class neighborhood of the Bronx, in New York.

Five days earlier, eight children and four adults died in a fire in a public housing area in central Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s main city.

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