Suppressive heat: What to do to keep your home cool

Suppressive heat: What to do to keep your home cool

The high temperatures of the past few days have probably penetrated your home and air conditioners, though highly effective, can sometimes be very expensive. Here are some tips for letting go and keeping your home cool.

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Electronic devices such as computers or home appliances generate a great deal of heat when they are working. Certain types of lighting such as incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs also contribute to heat production in your home. Instead, favor LED lights, advises the independent coexistence organization.

During the day, close windows, blinds, and blackout curtains, if you have them. In the evening, when temperatures drop, open the windows, Logisco real estate group recommended.

Place frozen water bottles in front of a fan, which can act as a makeshift air conditioner and cool the room.

One of the best solutions to protect your home from heat and to insulate your home well from construction, or thanks to works. Examine perimeter windows, doors, electrical, plumbing, and ventilation installations.

Installing blinds or sunscreens keeps your home cool in the summer, as well as warm in the winter, thus reducing energy consumption.

Other tips are also effective, such as climbing plants on the exterior walls, whitewashing or even the ceiling, or many plants on the balconies. Adding water points can also help bring fresh air into your home.

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The fans don’t really cool the room, but they do help redistribute the air and create a cool feeling.

Wet laundry in front of a fan or damp curtains may help cool the house, but keep an eye on the humidity. If it is too high, the effectiveness of this trick is reduced.

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