Street Fighter will be available as a role-playing game on iOS

Street Fighter will be available as a role-playing game on iOS

Capcom doesn’t want to leave mobile gamers without a Street Fighter fix, especially with Street Fighter 6 launching on June 6. bond Crunchyroll is not developing a version compatible with the original title, but it is an RPG in which you have to collect 40 characters of knowledge from the saga. It’s pretty easy to imagine all of the freemium mechanisms in action.

Street Fighter Duel is presented as a real-time action role-playing game in which the player has to create a team of 3 heroes to take down the villains. He’d be able to let fighters calcify automatically if he wanted… which goes against the very essence of Street Fighter (especially after Street Fighter IV Champion Edition mobile fighting game released in 2017), but we’ve seen Weirdest of its kind. The iOS and Android game will launch next month, in February.

Still in the bad news lane, Electronic Arts will Stop For the suffering of Apex Legends Mobile, Released last May After years of development and experimental testing. the battle royale It will stop working on May 1, 2023! The game, which was obviously a huge flop, will be removed from the App Store. Developer Respawn regrets the low content quality and frequency of updates. EA also announced to stop developing Battlefield Mobile, which was never released.

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