The unity of the Portuguese – whether they live at home or abroad – is celebrated on June 10th, and this event is an opportunity for any Portugal lover to come together.

This festive weekend kicked off on Saturday evening with exhibitions, a film screening and a Fado night organized by Os amigos do Fado. On Sunday, there was a radio gig with RBS presenting a special “Voz de Portugal” program followed by a traditional meal. Dessert lovers were able to enjoy the “Rancho a Portuguesa” brunch consisting of mimosa eggs, “rancho” soup and a trio of desserts. A popular entertainment show from Estrela Dourada allowed attendees to travel to Portugal for the duration of the show.

A people proud of their origins

An exhibition of paintings and sculptures was carried out – by Nathalie Afonso, Manuel Clemente and Ligia Lumineta – and some works were dedicated to the Ambassador of the Council of Europe, Gilberto Geronimo. “The strength of our people lies in the pride of their Portuguese origins. Not forgetting the strong mobilization of France to welcome the refugees who fled the dictatorship. France has been a true model of democracy in Portugal. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ‘Carnation Revolution’ on April 25, 1974, the ambassador is already planning a grand party. Note In two colors (green and red) in your diary!