Steam continues to improve its attendance records

Almost 32 million users connected simultaneously over the weekend.

end of october, Steam has crossed the symbolic bar of 30 million simultaneously connected users. A month later, Valve’s platform increased this pool, with approximately 32 million accounts connected at the same time.

Yesterday, Steam saw a peak of 31,955,907 logged in users. The number of players was also above normal, with 9,423,733 users playing according to SteamDB, whose measured history was slightly lower. The fall sales, which run until tomorrow, are sure to favor the influx of connected people.

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Unbeatable vapor

These consecutive frequency records bear witness to a fact: competition from the Epic Games Store is not harming Steam. In less than three years, the platform has managed to gather 50% more users: the record of 20 million, now elusive, dates back only to March 2020. The Lap: Like Microsoft and EA in their time, Ubisoft is back too.

Finally, if the number of players connected at the same time continues to grow, the most popular titles won’t change much. At its peak, Counter Strike: Global Offensive amassed nearly a million followers, Dota 2 over 800,000. PUBG took the third spot on the platform, followed by newcomer, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 / Warzone 2.0. Activision also announced the final installment of its popular franchise Over 25 million fans in just five days. Fifth place also gave the top spot to the Battle Royale genre, with Apex Legends.

Finally, know that the title that has accumulated the most players at one time on Steam is still PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, with a record score of 3,257,248, far ahead of the second, Lost Ark and 1,325,305, which is right ahead. On the third spot is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, peaking at 1,308,963.

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