Spotify launches video podcasts in France and five other countries

After launching video streaming in the US in the fall of 2021, Spotify just announced the arrival of this new feature in France and five other countries. By streaming video, the app wants to improve the user experience for content creators and fans.

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from year to year, spotify He somehow tries to diversify his activities. We know, for example, that Music streaming app aims to become the number one in the world for audiobooks. To fulfill its ambitions, Spotify also bought Findaway, one of the major audiobook platforms, in 2021.

Separately, Spotify has also invested heavily in podcasts. In January 2020, the app was announced Reaching targeted ads in podcastsher way Improve content monetization And the performance of advertising campaigns in this way is particularly common.

However, in Autonomy 2021, Spotify has begun activating video streaming to a select group of users, before the feature was launched in the United States and Canada in particular. “Visual interactions allow fans to get to know their favorite podcast hosts better, and also allow content creators to connect with their audience in a much deeper way.” Spotify summarized.

Spotify launches audio video files in France

And on Tuesday 12 July 2022 The app has just confirmed the launch of video streaming in France And in five other countries: Germany, Italy, Brazil, Spain and Mexico. “Video podcasts are a historically underutilized medium, but one that has the potential to grow by opening up a new way to help audiences engage with their favorite podcasts.” provides the platform.

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In parallel with the launch of video broadcasting, Spotify . integrates Many new features to help creators produce this format of a new type:

  • Integration with Riverside Spotify confirms its partnership with Riverside, the reference platform for remote registration. Integration allows creators to record and publish video content for free with Riverside with a fast distribution path to Spotify via the Anchor web platform
  • Embeddable video : Now when you embed a video podcast from Spotify, the video will play directly in the embedded player
  • Bulk video replacement : This feature allows creators to easily replace existing audio episodes with video versions from a specially customized interface
  • Statistics analysis Video analytics will give content creators deep insight into how their videos are performing on Spotify, allowing them to better understand their audience and publish tailored content.
  • interactive functions Spotify also allows you to launch polls or question-and-answer sessions in video podcasts, always with the idea of ​​fostering interactions between listeners and creators.

Reminder, Spotify passed the 400 million users mark worldwide in February 2022.

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