Spending 24 hours without a screen: a challenge for children… and their parents

Spending 24 hours without a screen: a challenge for children… and their parents

On Sunday, many parents will try to spend 24 hours without a screen, a challenge launched by the Pause organization the day after the General Council of the Avenir Quebec coalition, during which Prime Minister François Legault pointed out the dangers associated with time spent in front of screens. .

The Quebec Prime Minister explained on Saturday that “children who spend several hours a day on social media networks, unfortunately, are at greater risk of developing mental health problems.”

According to him, it is a social issue and everyone has a role to play in it. “We need a major thought exercise,” he added.

How to reduce screen time?

For their part, every parent has their own way to limit their children's screen time. Whether that's allowing them an hour a day or even allowing them only on weekends.

“We're going home with [la formule une heure d’écran pour une heure de sport]. “If he doesn't move, he doesn't have a screen and finds himself making Legos,” explained a father interviewed by TVA Nouvelles.

Another parent chose a solution that facilitated parental management: he blocked the Internet router and allowed two 30-minute blocks of screen time per day.

Watch the full explanation in the video above.

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