Spain faces energy savings

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Today, the Spanish government will ratify a decree-law on energy savings despite opposition from conservatives. Some measures of the law, such as air conditioning temperature, will go into effect on Wednesday, August 10. Some districts have announced that they will file a lawsuit.

With our correspondent in Madrid, Diane Cambon

Air conditioning at 27 degrees, windows lighted at 10 p.m. Or even cuts to rail transport, Spain is seeking to save energy before winter and adopt a more ecological attitude in traffic.

However, the decree-law that should allow the country to reduce its dependence on gas by 7%, like Portugal, compared to 15% for the rest of Europe, is not unanimous.

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Right-ruled regions, particularly Madrid, denounce the invasion of regional powers and threaten to lead insurrections. Conservatives also ensure that some professional sectors such as tourism will see a decline in their services.

But the Socialist CEO is very firm and has already warned that institutions or companies that do not comply with the new measures may be punished with a fine of up to 60,000 euros.

However, not all sectors are in the same boat: Hospitals, restaurant kitchens, public transportation, or hair salons will benefit from a temperature below 27 degrees.

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