Space: Success for Kinéis, which launched its first nanosatellites

Space: Success for Kinéis, which launched its first nanosatellites

Kinéis in Toulouse has just successfully launched its first 5 nanosatellites. Its dedicated IoT group will provide many services.

“New Space”, this new space that includes, in addition to the historical American, European or Russian space agencies, new players such as Elon Musk’s innovative space company. Among them is Toulouse-Kennis, founded in 2018. The satellite operator and global connectivity provider for the Internet of Things (IoT) aims to create a constellation of 25 nanosatellites capable of meeting the needs of its customers everywhere in the world, freeing itself from white zones.

Thanks to the financial support of several investors (Bpifrance, CLS, CNES, Frère family, BNP Paribas Développement, CELAD, Dassault, Ethics Group), Kinéis has just achieved its first success with the orbit of 5 of its nanosatellites. In fact, last Thursday, June 20, Rocket Lab's Electron launch pad successfully completed its 50th cycleH The mission after its launch from New Zealand.

The “No Time Toulouse” mission lifted off from the Rocket Lab 1 launch complex in Mahia and placed the Kinéis nanosatellites, each weighing 28 kg, into a low circular orbit at an altitude of 635 km. This mission was the first of five electron launches assigned to Kinéis.

Reducing risks, anticipating breakdowns, optimizing activities…

“Kinéis is proud of the success of the 50thH Electronic flight. The delicate phase of separating our five satellites from the launch pad went very well. Our teams are now working to put them in their own orbits. These first five satellites in the constellation mark the beginning of the IoT revolution driven by Kinéis connectivity and define the prospects for opening full commercial services,” responded Alexandre Tisserand, CEO of Kinéis.

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“Today’s precise and tailored Kinéis mission is further evidence of the value Electron continues to provide to the small satellite community,” said Sir Peter Beck, Founder and CEO of Rocket Lab. The next launch is scheduled for September.

The Kinéis constellation, once operational, will be able to provide many services in different areas: prevention of natural hazards (detection of forest fires, floods, drought, pollution, etc.), agriculture, tracking of wild and farmed animals, monitoring of infrastructure and energy networks, transportation monitoring. Logistics, monitoring of commercial and scientific marine activities.

“The applications are endless and the benefits are great: reducing risks, anticipating breakdowns, optimizing activities…”, confirms the company, which already has branches in the United States, Brazil and Singapore.

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