Soccer/Regional 2: Asmore wins the Tongs

Then Manias Coffin stumbled more than once on the Portuguese goalkeeper. The minutes pass, and despite the many chances, the score does not change (0-0, 45). Returning from the locker room, a beaver grows. The Liade creeps up to the surface, and the Lecornu regains the skin and unleashes the axis, which ends at the base of the Fréchou column (No. 55).

The editorial staff advises you

The editorial staff advises you

Fritcho show begins

Asmore rushes in and the Portuguese defense retreats. But Fréchou, as graceful as a cat, fends off all Mazérois’ strikes, from near or far. His back-to-back dance dashed the hopes of Mallab’s men in the opening recording. After losing striker Pereira, due to a shoulder injury, Asmour will also lose Sofiane Mallab with a red card (76th position).

We are heading towards a draw when suddenly Sami broke a stadium in the area. The referee logically refers to the penalty point. Covin takes care of the matter and eventually cheats on Fréchou (1-0, 80).

technical card

Asmur 1: Iribarnegaray; Sofian Mallab, Gapstow, Labourde Hat, Martins; Jafar, Licorno; Kasnav, Manyas. Sami Stadium, Pereira
Income: Seger, Liade, Covin
Coach: Jamal Malaeb
Portuguese from Pau 0: Fréchou; Lino Kobemba, Adelio, Chaves, Diyala; Ferreira, Mogamadov; Orcas, Francisco; da Silva, Juvia
Entered: Do Carmo, Monougi, Do Koto
Coach: Jamal Belhossein
Stade de Mazères Half time 0 0 In the rugged park Hot weather 150 spectators
Referees MM Frappeau MM Leite and Destruhaut
Goal: Amore Coffin (80 minutes, penalty kick)
Yellow Cards: Asmaur Kasnav (82d)
Portuguese Do Couto (50 minutes), Do Carmo (78 minutes)
Red cards: Asmour Sufian Stadium (72 min).

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