Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 3 in development, Lords of the Fallen 2 2023, is full of news

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 3 in development, Lords of the Fallen 2 2023, is full of news

studio / Polish publisher CI Games just published their results for 2021. In addition to the net increase in sales volume, we also learn some clear information about its historical franchises!

First of all, the turnover of the last fiscal year shows an increase of 137% compared to the previous year. This helped tremendously by releasing sniper ghost warrior contracts 2 (61%), Elderly And iron tails (11%). Numbers prove that AA and indie games have a bright future ahead!

In terms of projects in progress, we learn that sniper ghost warrior 3 Actively under development ! Under the leadership of Underdog Studios, which is already responsible for the first two, we just have to know its release date. fallen lords 2, Meanwhile, it is scheduled to take place in 2023. Hexworks studio has been in charge of it since its inception in 2019. Another secret address is also planned Survival Project. The latter, designed as the beginning of a series, will combine FPS, survival and RPG.

CI Games also reveals that all of its major titles will use Unreal Engine 5, The latest Epic engine. This will allow for synergy between the different studios of the group.

Only good news comes from CI Games. Excellence sniper ghost warrior shrinkage Obviously the winning formula, with Successful second round. fallen lords 2, The sequel to Souls-Like is very good, you will benefit from success from Ring Elden To start. Finally Survival Project It turned out to be very interesting…

trailer sniper ghost warrior contracts 2 (Enhanced Class X | S).

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