SketchUp Pro Renewal Workshop – Video Course

Do you want to do renovation work but want to see the result before you start? Then SketchUp 3D would be perfect for this project. And to help you get the perfect business simulation, we suggest you discover an online course based on practice.

Who should attend?

Completely remote, this course is aimed at people who prefer to have some basic knowledge of the software. The goal here is to gain solid skills to implement a realistic project.

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In an hour and a half of video lessons, you will learn how to renovate a room in SketchUp using a simple photo. Here are the main chapters that will be covered:

  • reproduce the structure of the room using a photo;
  • building renovation;
  • Realistic rendering.

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Now, here is a video from this excellent instructable in which you will see how to model column bases.

You can find a file exercise SketchUp Pro: A Renovation Workshop from an Image Fully on

Also find out everything Sketchup lessons Available on the platform.

Good tutorial!

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