Siphon Filter will get prizes on PlayStation Plus (and it might not be the only one)

Last March, Sony unveiled its new subscription service, called Playstation Plus, thus keeping the old name. Since then we have learned back siphon filter through the catalog. But what we didn’t know until now is that the latter will expand our awards gallery.

A few days ago, Bend Studio confirmed the information on Twitter by saying that the third-person shooter will receive several prizes when it reaches the PlayStation Plus Premium catalog which itself will land next month on PS4 and PS5.

However, many gamers are wondering how the studio achieved such an establishment on the PS1 title. Indeed, it must be remembered that the trophy system is only available from the PlayStation 3, so how can a PlayStation 1 game provide such satisfaction to the greatest extent among us? ok thanks for It is a feature patented by Sony March 2021. This is a simulation system that detects specific launch events in order to award famous prizes to players. Here is an illustrative diagram that will definitely be more illustrative:

Trophies for all PlayStation Plus games?

Therefore, it is not impossible, in the future, for other games in the PlayStation Plus catalog to offer prizes by exploiting this system. Information that will undoubtedly delight beginners and collectors alike. However, if nothing has been decided yet, it is possible that this addition relates exclusively to titles developed by PlayStation studios such as Bend Studio or Naughty Dog. In fact, we don’t know yet if PlayStation was responsible for integrating the awards internally or if studios were asked to take care of it. We can assume that this will be at the discretion of each developer if the second option is confirmed. Unfortunately, at the moment we can only speculate on different scenarios.

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In the meantime, we invite you to find Various subscription offers Beside The official list of games that It will be available in the catalog when the new PlayStation Plus arrives next month.

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