Signing of a peace agreement between Senegal and the Casamance rebels

Senegal signed a peace agreement Thursday in Bissau with Casamance rebels who vowed to lay down their arms and work for the final return of peace to the region, which has been the scene of one of Africa’s oldest active rebellions.

rebel leader Cesar Atut Badiaton top of a unit of Movement of Democratic Forces in Casamance (MFDC), an envoy of the Senegalese President maki hole He signed this agreement as the President of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau.

Feet Maki Sal “a final peace” Casamance is one of the priorities of his second term. negotiating a settlement conflict Failed to reach a final agreement, complicated by divisions within MFDC.

“I entered the Marquis when I was ten years old. Today, I am 50 years old. I think that is enough now. (…) How many people have died, maimed or left their village? We will accompany you in the search for peace”Head of State of Guinea-Bissau Umaru Sissoko Impaloaddressing Cesar Otot Badiat.

“I can assure you that we will be the guarantors of this agreement.”follow the current president of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The signed document remains confidential for the time being.

“I welcome the peace agreement and lay down of arms signed on August 4 in Bissau between Senegal and the Temporary Committee of the Political and Combatant Wings of the Movement of Democratic Forces for Democracy. I remain committed to the consolidation of lasting peace in Casamance.”President Macky Sall, on Twitter Thursday night, also thanked Umaru Sissoko Embalo for his work mediation.

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MFDC conducts a low intensity conflict Since 1982, it has caused several thousand deaths. This conflict lay dormant until the launch of the Senegalese army in January 2021 big attack against the rebels.

Casamance rebels accused smuggling timber and cannabisoften resorted to Gambia or in Guinea Bissauwhich also shares a border with Senegal.

Casamance was a Portuguese possession For several centuries before it was ceded to the French colonial empire in 1888 and then incorporated into Senegal at the time of its independence in 1960.

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