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How do you shock the wilderness with your mechanical shockwave bow in different modes in Fortnite for the challenge?

Brand new challenges have been added in It is an electronic game Archery Week! Old bows are back in the game, and this time you don’t need to craft them to get them. In addition to being able to use them, it will be possible to perform tasks related to these brackets.

Someone asks Shock the wildlife with the mechanical shockwave arc in different modes We explain how to complete the task!

How to shock the wildlife with a mechanical shockwave arc in different Fortnite dns modes?

To succeed in this endeavor, you must start by obtaining shock wave mechanical arc. These arcs are back in Fortnite, and you can find them in two different ways: In boxes or on the floor. You should find some easily because they are not rare weapons!

Shockwave mech bow in Fortnite

Once you have one of these arcs, all you have to do is find the wildlife and use it in its direction. The wild animals Consists of Frogs, chickens, pigs and wolves. Don’t forget to do it in Several different modes to complete the quest.

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