Self-driving cars: fewer accidents, but be careful at intersections

Self-driving cars: fewer accidents, but be careful at intersections

This is what comes out One of the largest studies Comparative studies on road accidents, comparing data from 2,100 accidents involving so-called “self-driving” vehicles (semi-autonomous or “driver-assisted”, depending on the brand used) and 35,110 accidents in which a human was involved in flight. All of the incidents occurred between 2016 and 2022 in California, where road tests for self-driving vehicles have been taking place for longer.

The researchers also tried to compare accidents according to the conditions prevailing at that time: weather, time of day, at an intersection or in a straight line…

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And what comes outIt is a self-driving car He is in better condition In almost all “scenarios,” the two researchers concluded in the journal Nature Communications. But up to five times worse at dawn or dusk. Half as well at intersections.

The downside of their study is that the database is significantly smaller for crashes involving autonomous vehicles. There are fewer of these cars on the road and in fewer places.

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