Scientists have detected a repeating radio signal from an exoplanet

Scientists have detected a repeating radio signal from an exoplanet

A team of scientists announced that they had discovered Frequent radio signals coming from the rocky exoplanet YZ Ceti b, located 12 light-years from Earth.

Study published in natural astronomyAnnounces that a signal has been detected Which indicates that the exoplanet will have a magnetic field and even an atmosphere. The waves were detected by a radio telescope ( Karl G. Jansky Very Large Matrix)by interactions between the magnetic field of an exoplanet and the small red dwarf star it orbits.

As shown CNNThe presence of a magnetic field is very important in the possibility of life developing on a planet. “Magnetic fields can keep a planet’s atmosphere from essentially thinning and eroding over time as particles separate from and bombard the star.Supports Sebastian Pineda, author of the study. Atmosphere is a prerequisite for the development of life,By scattering energy particles and plasma escaping from the sun“.

If this isn’t the first time our instruments have detected a magnetic field around an exoplanet, YZ Ceti b’s relatively small size makes it exceptional, because detecting a small magnetic field is extremely difficult. Typically, magnetic fields are detected around giant planets, close to the size of Jupiter.

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