Science Fiction Competition: From Which Movie Is This Space Image? Cinema news

In the eyes of Thomas Pesquet and other space adventures released on April 27 in cinemas. On this occasion, get aboard the International Space Station on a wonderful journey into space! Can you find the movie these photos were taken from?

Put on your suit and go on an amazing journey into space! On the occasion of the cinema’s launch of the short film program Through the Eyes of Thomas Bisquet and Other Space Adventures, test your knowledge of films set in space.

Whether it’s dramas, disaster movies, or science fiction movies, space is a magical place where anything seems possible.

Can you find the movie these photos were taken from?

From Georges Millier’s trip to the moon to Buzz Lightyear from Disney Studios and the Star Wars saga, space is a fantastical place. From the fullness we feel when observing Earth from the sky, to the pressure associated with the arrival of a meteor or moon on our planet, it’s the perfect setting for science fiction movies.

In 1968, a year before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon, Stanley Kubrick released 2001, Spaceflight. In 2022, Roland Emmerich showed that Earth is threatened by a Moonfall. Space has always fascinated filmmakers because anything seems possible out there.

From Star Wars to Thomas Bisket

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (Star Wars) directed by George Lucas was released in 1977, and it was a real revolution. technology, as it brought visual effects and the use of computers to an unprecedented level.

Cinematography then, because after its release, the saga became a major point of reference for many filmmakers and screenwriters who never ceased to draw inspiration from it.

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Today, the documentary Through the Eyes of Thomas Pesquet takes us on a fascinating journey and allows us to discover the true face of space. A black intensity in which the Earth appears to be floating like a fragile water bubble…

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