Science Festival: Arab Science

Why are we talking about Arabic numerals? When did Arabic mathematics appear? The IMA moderator will answer all these questions and introduce participants to the different ways of writing numbers in the Arab world during a workshop open to children from 9 years old. They will also discover how to perform calculations in a completely original way! Another workshop will allow you to discover the Jewish, Christian and Muslim calendars by answering several questions: Does the day begin with the sunrise or the appearance of the moon? Why is the week seven days? How many days are in a month, and how many months are in a year?

For older children, a conference led by Elodie Roblain fromArab World Institute He will go back in time to talk about astronomy, medicine, geography, mathematics… and to discover how Arabic became the global language of science since the ninth century.

Arabic Numbers Adventure
Saturday 15 October at 2:30 pm (from 9 years old)

time measurement
Saturday 15 October 4:30 pm (from 8 years old)

Arab Science Conference
Sunday, October 16 at 5 p.m. (for teens and adults)

cherry time
90 Verger Park / Fort d’Issy

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