Saint-Jean-de-Luz Festival: The winners and our favorites of the 2022 edition

Saint-Jean-de-Luz Festival: The winners and our favorites of the 2022 edition

From October 3 to 9, 2022, the ninth edition of the Saint-Jean-de-Luz International Film Festival was held. Discover the beautiful surprises of the competition, which were joined by certain topics, as well as the winners.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz Festival: Sacred, Escape and Love

In its ninth edition, Saint-Jean-de-Luz Festival She chose the feature films that were produced mobile spectator Between France, Tunisia, Belgium, Portugal, Ukraine, Spain, Italy and even Germany.

Works grouped according to their themes were treated differently. creed and religion For example, she has been at the center of many projects. in MagnificatAnd the Karen Viard Upon the death of a priest in his diocese, he discovers that he is a woman, which could lead to a scandal within the Catholic Church. in Alma FIFAResidents of a small Portuguese village are convinced that the soul of her grandmother is possessed by a young girl, and accuse her of witchcraft. Finally, in You will choose lifeAnd the Le de la jeu He suffocates in his ultra-Orthodox Jewish family and dreams of discovering another world.

Salome (Loa Michel) – Alma FIFA ©In conjunction with

Desire to escape Who comes out of the movie? Stefan Fries He was also very present in this competition. In particular, pays Jeremy Rainier To dump everything in comedy Elsewhere if you are there To go and settle in the woods near his house, under the eyes of his relatives. in Amore Miolola (Alison’s paradise(She feels the irrepressible urge to walk the road to Sardinia with her sister, Margot)Elodie Bushes) and his son Gaspard (Figo Ferreira Reader), after the death of his companion Raphael (Felix Maritod).

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Finally, it was the other topic that appeared relationship to earth, and the impossibility of leaving it. Whether confined to an area for family or economic reasons, Spanish drama characters our suns Based on You will choose life They seem captives of a wonderful land for sure, but they are hard to exploit.

our suns
our suns ©distribution pyramid

Our favorite from the competition

  • Alma FIFA : First feature film Kristel Alves MiraThis drama successfully transitions from one genre to another. Swinging between family tragedy and fantasy with ease, while the delicious touches of black humor are doubled. Convinced that her grandmother was poisoned, young Salome (Lou Michele, colossal) finds herself possessed by the spirit of the deceased, bent on revenge. The whole personal dimension of this project, the director’s attachment to landscapes and family stories, gives all his strength to the story.
  • Elsewhere if you are there : Taking the depletion of a man who leaves to live in fresh air and fresh water as a starting point, going so far as to sing with the birds, the film is through Francois Beirut (mobile home) Totally assumes her eccentric side, and opted for a tighter format in order to stick more to his character’s daydreams. Then the director puts his hero in the background to focus on his loved ones, who are also on the verge of a nervous breakdown. A very funny feature film about needing to take a break and wanting to shut the door, even if it means taking a step back with a slightly lighter heart. Jeremy Rainier, Susan KleimanAnd the Samir Al Qasimi And the Jean-Luc Bedoue perfect.
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Amore Mio
Amore Mio ©urban distribution
  • love me : Upon the death of her companion, Lola prefers not to go to his funeral to avoid the sympathy of others. She decided to go to Italy with her sister Margot and her son Gaspard. Newbie as a road movieAnd the Amore Mio to remember couples From John Cassavetes on his way Refusal to pity oneself in mourningTo strive to live and fight sadness. Alison Paradis and Elodie Bushes are at the heart of an animated reunion, which joix clouds Close-up movies, by 1.33 format.

We also liked…

the homeAnd the annoying adaptation from a job titledEmma Baker Occurred Anissa Bonfontewhere Anna Girardot He stars as a young writer who, for the purposes of a book about a Berlin brothel, attempts to engage in prostitution.

Rita Borkowska She also gives birth strong performance in see butterflyThe first Ukrainian feature film Maxime Naconcini. After spending several months in prison in the Donbass, her character Lilia, a specialist in aerial reconnaissance, returned to her family. She is haunted by visions of being pregnant after being raped while in captivity, and she does everything to rebuild herself.

see butterfly
Lilia (Rita Borkovska) – see butterfly ©Noor movies

Impossible not to mention Two out-of-competition films were submitted, romantic comedy And the love story. The first is a tender and lively tale of redemption, picked up by a musician (Alex Lutz(He does everything to prove to his ex-wife)Golshifteh Farhani(It changed after several years of absence)Check out our review here). The second is a melodrama that takes the viewer to the curses and emotional happiness of Katya (Juliette Delacroixand his brother WilliamAlexis Michalik), whose most beautiful romances are also the saddest. A film full of ideas and passing like lightning, it perfectly assumes its emotional role to pull the viewer out of his throat better.

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Find out the festival winners

Below is the list of awards awarded by the jury chaired by Geraldine Bilhas It consists of Stephen FoenkinosAnd the Charlene FavierAnd the Valerie Carsenti And the Jean Paul Gaultier :

  • Male Interpretation Award sponsored by the Department Council: Adam Pessa for the movement From Luffy Nathan.
  • Female Interpretation Award Sponsored by JOACASINO: Rita Borkowska see butterfly by Maksym Nakonechnyi.
  • Grand Prize Sponsored by Blue Efficience: Maksym Nakonechnyi for see butterfly.
  • Staging Award: Carla Simon for our suns.
  • Special mention for Kristel Alves Mira for Alma FIFA.
the movement
Ali (Adam Pessa) – the movement ©DulacCast

Check out the rest of the rewards:

  • Youth Jury Prize Sponsored by Borosos: Guillaume Gouix for Amore Mio.
  • General Prize sponsored by France TV: Emily Fresh for committed.
  • SFCC Critics Award: Carla Simon our suns.

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