Russian spacewalk halted due to lawsuit issue

Russia’s spacewalk ended prematurely on Wednesday due to a battery problem on the suit of one of the two cosmonauts who took part, the US and Russian space agencies wanted to reassure themselves by saying he was never in danger.

“Leave everything and start going back inside the International Space Station (ISS), asked cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev, more than two hours after the start of the spacewalk.

He just reported anomalies in the data indicating his spacesuit effort.

“Oleg, you should return to the airlock as soon as possible,” he was repeatedly asked, according to the words of Russian employees who were in direct contact with the cosmonauts, which were translated into English in the video broadcast by NASA.

However, he was also told: “Please don’t worry, it’s okay.”

“Am I? Worried?” replied Oleg Artemyev, still according to the NASA interpreter.

The astronaut joined the airlock, where he made direct contact with the current of the International Space Station.

Then he waited for the second astronaut, Denis Matveev, to retrieve the equipment that had been used during the exit and also to enter the airlock, which was then closed for re-compression.

The spacewalk was declared complete in four hours.

“The situation is under control (…). “The cosmonaut’s health is not in danger,” the Russian space agency Roscosmos said in a statement. “The crew is fine.”

“The duo were not at any point in danger during operations,” NASA also said in a blog.

This was the seventh spacewalk by Oleg Artemyev and the third by Denis Matveyev.

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Before the accident, they were able to install two cameras outside the station. “The unfinished work will be carried out in the next rounds,” Roscosmos said.

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