Russia reasserts its military might

On Saturday, it was reported that Russia launched a hypersonic missile, indicating that the country remains an important military power and is equipped with advanced technological means.

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Since February 24, Ukraine has resisted persistent Russian attacks, with the support of the West. However, despite the sanctions against Russia and despite the steadfastness of the Ukrainian people, Russia is once again showing its military might.

President Zelensky asked Moscow to negotiate peace “seriously”.

However, Ukraine will have to be prepared to make major concessions to deter Russia, Guillaume Lavoie, associate member of President Raul Dandurand believes, in an interview with LCN on Saturday.

Next week, US President Joe Biden is expected to attend the NATO summit in Europe, and thus the summit of Western powers, where we can expect a response from the Westerners against the Russian military escalation, according to Mr. Lavoy.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also expected to attend the NATO meeting scheduled for Thursday. Important announcements can follow over the next week.

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