Russia claims to have killed more than 600 Ukrainian soldiers in a raid on Kramatorsk

Russia claims to have killed more than 600 Ukrainian soldiers in a raid on Kramatorsk

In retaliation for the Ukrainian military’s devastating strike in Makevka, Russia claims to have killed more than 600 Ukrainian servicemen in a missile attack in Kramatorsk, Donbass, on Sunday.

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In a video released by the Russian Defense Ministry, spokesman Igor Konashenkov presents the heavy losses suffered by the Ukrainians, and confirms Reuters.

If the facts are confirmed, this will be one of the bloodiest blows ever dealt to the Ukrainian forces.

The ministry did not specify the exact date for this strike.

Local Ukrainian authorities reported that Kramatorsk was hit by seven missiles overnight. Two more missiles targeted the nearby town of Kostiantynivka.

On Saturday, AFP journalists based in Kramatorsk heard at least four explosions just before midnight.

The Russian military presented this strike as retaliation for the strike carried out in Makevka, in a pro-Russian separatist region in eastern Ukraine, just a few minutes into the new year.

The Ukrainian army targeted a temporary deployment point for Russian soldiers there, causing the deaths of at least 89 soldiers, according to the report provided by Moscow.

Ukraine denies

Ukraine denied any bombing of barracks in Kramatorsk, saying the Russian allegations “do not correspond to the truth”.

The spokesman for the “Eastern” Command of the Ukrainian army, Sergoy Cherevaty, told Sospilin media that “Russian forces do not have the ability to deliver high-precision strikes,” in the face of Ukrainian forces. Successes.

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