Rugby: different tracks for Icaunais Helano Alberto and Julien Lebian

After a 2021-2022 training session marked by an injury that kept him off the field until December, Helano Alberto (USON Nevers) will play for Chartres (Federal 1) this season. On his part, Julien Libyan (SU Agen), captain of the rookie team of preparations, confirmed his potential and signed his hoped-for first contract with Agenais Club.

Helano Alberto (USO Nevers)

How was this season?

Helano Alberto has restricted the series of matches since December 19, 2021, the date of his return from injury. “Since then, I’ve missed both the finals and the two league games. I twisted my ankle against the Stade Français and rested against Rouen after a knee warning. Then, in the final stage matches, you had to play ten league matches to qualify and I only played nine,” he explains. The concerned person.

Despite everything, he is still satisfied with half of his season, even if he regrets certain decisions. “A lot of matches I felt really good. After that, I had some loopholes with poor recovery management, I think. I played every game in the beginning with 80 minutes. And after a year off, it was probably too much. With the staff, it was We can manage it better,” he analyzes.

On the sporting front, the season did not live up to the club’s expectations either. “We were relegated to the First Division because there were problems on the match sheet as there were a lot of foreign players. A rule had changed, but the club was not aware. We played consolation at the end of the season and lost in the final. Against Blagnac (19-16) “, regretted for phonology.

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How is next season approaching?

For three years, Helano Alberto has been trying to show his best face alongside USON Nevers. But injuries will decide otherwise. He then realized that it would be difficult for him to win the hoped-for contract that he had been chasing after him since his return to Nevers.

Thus, by Chartres (Federal 1) Sénonais will continue his career after signing his first federal contract. “The financial side played a role, it would be wrong to say otherwise. After that, I made contacts with the national clubs, but I did not feel much interest. And then I was due to play hopefully after four years at this level, I made the rounds I wanted to find a project in which I had a major role and in the seniors. I want to prove myself against the adults,” the Portuguese international poses.

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Julian Libyan (SU Agen)

How was this season?

During this season, the third streak that the captain inherited from summer preparations showed the full extent of his talent and the physical reliability that distinguishes him. “Out of the 19 matches, I missed a game against La Rochelle due to injury, and I rested against Stade Francis in the last game of the season. To play, I gained confidence and was able to express myself fully,” delivers an interested party.

To the point of taking more space within the Agenais workforce and taking a new step in this field. “There are many areas in which I progressed. I carried the ball a little more, improved my movement, improved in the key area and took a few extra kilos”, confirms the 21-year-old, a former player who trained at Migennes.

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The qualities he was able to put at the service of his team throughout this exercise. “We managed to qualify for the quarter-finals. Unfortunately, we lost 30 to 22 against Stade Toulouse. We had a good second half since we came back to the match, but we fell in the last 10 minutes. After that, it is still difficult. Very good season, individually and collectively”, analyzes the third line.

How is next season approaching?

Because of the strength of this quality season, SU Agen decided to trust him in the future by having him sign a hopeful two-year contract. “It made me reincarnate for two years of work, it made me really happy,” he cheers. So it looks like she’s on the right track and doesn’t intend to stop there. “I have resumed working with the professional workforce for five weeks while preparing. Everything is going well for now,” Julian Libyan.

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