RTL Infos – New technology: cameras capable of detecting… drunk drivers

RTL Infos – New technology: cameras capable of detecting… drunk drivers

A team of Australian researchers has developed a smart system that can detect the level of sugar in drivers using images provided by cameras. With surveillance cameras, this could be a powerful tool for authorities.

Researchers at Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Australia have developed a visual tracking technology that can Detecting drunk drivers using a simple camera So you can drive safely. This technology uses machine learning to analyze different facial features, as well as the position of the head and the direction of the driver’s gaze, to determine their level of intoxication. This is the first solution ever to use a traditional RGB camera to detect alcohol intoxication levels based on signs of impairment on drivers’ faces.

To train their tools, the researchers used MiX by Powerfleet, a fleet management app that typically allows monitoring of driver behavior.

Participants, who were divided into three levels of alcohol intoxication (sober, mildly intoxicated, and severely intoxicated), were recorded driving in a simulator. These images then fed into the smart tool they developed.

First tests I showed 75% accuracy In analyzing driver behavior. Finally, This system can be integrated into road surveillance cameras.providing a quick and effective alternative to traditional tests for detecting drunk drivers.

Technology that will soon be deployed on the roads?

The next step will be to determine the level of image resolution needed to use this algorithm so that it is as reliable as possible. The lower this resolution, the wider its scope will be, especially at the level of law enforcement surveillance cameras.

If this technology could ever be Used to open your carSuch an approach could also be Built in road camerasIn the same way that today's cameras can detect whether you are wearing a seat belt or using a cell phone.

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In Australia (as in France), alcohol overdose causes about one in three fatal accidents.

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