Roman Abramovich, “The Richest Portuguese in the World”

Roman Abramovich, “The Richest Portuguese in the World”

He refused to extend his title…

Great Britain refused to extend his residence permit in 2018 and he had to find a solution to be able to maintain a link with Europe for his business. The Portuguese law granting citizenship to Sephardic Jews – that is, Jews from the Iberian Peninsula – came at the right time. A friend of Vladimir Putin received the precious sesame in six months, which is a record.

“man of a good will”

It was an investigation by the Portuguese press that exposed this case. We learn, for example, that in his autobiography in the digital encyclopedia Wikipedia is the only known reference to his Sephardic ancestors. It was recently written by a member of the Jewish Community of Porto (CJP), the same person who granted citizenship to Abramovich.

He is the director of the Jewish Museum in Porto, whose main patron is none other than… Abramovich

The author makes him a “benefactor,” which in the Jewish term means “the great benefactor.” He is the director of the Jewish Museum in Porto, whose main patron is none other than… Abramovich. An investigation opened by Portuguese courts led to the arrest of the chief rabbi of Porto and an influential AKP lawyer on 11 March.

sexy action

Suspicion hangs over the activities of the Justice and Development Party, which awards 90% of titles for naturalization, compared to 10% in Lisbon. The difference is related to the application of the criteria for selecting applicants for Portuguese citizenship.

Thus the AK made a lot of money: at least 20 million euros in citizenship certificates, not to mention the amounts paid to institutions by “benefactors” like Abramovich. The rabbi and AKP lawyer were charged with bribery, fraud, criminal association and influence abuse. As far as Abramovich is concerned, the Portuguese government is official. “All property and assets of the oligarchy in Portuguese territory will be frozen as decided by the European Union.” […].

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He can also be stripped of Portuguese citizenship, but only justice can decide this,” explained Augusto Santos Silva, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Portuguese Citizenship by Naturalization Law of Sephardic Jews was adopted in 2015. It eliminates the injustice done to Jews who were expelled by King D. of Portugal. Manuel I in 1496.Verse. Oddly enough, the government has just amended the implementing regulations: it will now also be necessary to prove that you have existing ties to Portugal, and not just a dynasty. About 56,000 Portuguese naturalization titles were granted to Sephardic Jews within six years.

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