Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence at the Luxembourg Science Centre

This is the first of its kind in the world: the Discovery Center has just opened an interactive terminal that allows you to speak verbally using artificial intelligence.

Experience may confuse more than one: A 101H interactive station He appeared in the vast exploration room of the Luxembourg Science Center in Differing. In the center of the installation: a screen showing a face interacting directly with visitors.

Based on ChatGPT

Launched at the end of November 2022, chata chatbot (or chat agent) model based on artificial intelligence (AI)never cease to praise its responsiveness and analytical capabilities.

Able to answer the simplest of questions as well as the most advanced, to write an assignment, an essay, a text comment, and even write a poem or newspaper article (note that there is actually a human behind these lines reading!), the program is, in a way, A revolution in human-machine exchange.

Truer than nature

It is precisely with this in mind that the Luxembourg Science Center team has designed its new interactive station. ” We are the first company in Luxembourg, and even in the world to allow this station Real verbal exchange between visitors and conversational AI rejoices Dani Fernandez, director of communications for the center.

Wanting to push interaction with AI as far as possible, the team (especially the enthusiastic specialist) worked for several months on the project with the aim of “ to It succeeds in simulating a real human dialogue “.

With ChatGPT, from your computer, you receive a simple and short answer. here, The terminal answers the questions but also asks the same questions to restart the conversationIt’s really amazing, especially since the answers are almost instantaneous, like during the classic human-to-human exchange Danny Fernandez says.

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Designed for all audiences

The new interactive station can be used by adults as well as children. Indeed, because the screen that shows the face of artificial intelligence is adjustable and can therefore be lowered to the smallest or disabled. But also because Several tests have been carried out To prevent AI from generating clumsy responses with misogynistic, racist, or offensive connotations.

Three languages ​​are currently available: French, German and English. One voice that the visitor a select celle qu’il souhaitait, il suffit de commencer à poser ses questions for lancer the conversation avec l’IA dont la voix, de par son timbre et son ton, s’avère très proche d’une voix mankind.

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