Retroctopod – Naval space, massacre in the name of the Emperor

Retroctopod – Naval space, massacre in the name of the Emperor

We can’t repeat it enough: as a character, as a hero, Space Marine, the genetically modified soldiers from the Human Imperium, set in the Warhammer 40K universe, is one of the concepts that has had one of the biggest influences on sci-fi games. and in space submarinethis super warrior finally has his rightful place.

Released in 2009 and developed by the late Relic Entertainment, space submarine It is a third-person shooter and melee fighting game that was launched on the heels of another series of titles, also developed by Relic, and cemented the franchise’s appeal in the context of the currentUnlike turn-based strategy games that almost made you want to pull out your own Excel spreadsheet.

After the first two copies of dawn of warexcellent real-time strategy games, so we’ve changed our approach to slipping into the shoes of Titus, the leader of the Ultramarines branch, who has been sent to the planet Graia, besieged by hordes of Orks, to defend Titan, a giant war machine.

To achieve his goal, Titus, supported by two brothers of the same class, will have a lot to do: after all, the Orks are often innumerable, and this brutal planetary attack is no exception. So these are hundreds, even thousands of enemies who will have to be killed, or even cut to pieces. Because if it was possible to stick only to Imperium’s firearms, which in themselves are terribly lethal, the game would eventually force us into close combat with sharp-toothed green monsters. Who would like to deny himself, after all, the possibility of using the most famous chainsA sword whose blade has been replaced by the sharp teeth of a saw?

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And with the melee comes the possibility of collecting combos and, above all, restoring precious life points. When we said that the game forces this kind of confrontation…

In short, among the heavy machine guns, the nailswhose ammo is the size of small projectiles, which easily explode the heads of our enemies, and those bloodthirsty monsters whose attacks must be carefully avoided before being killed, generally by commanding our blade chains In the belly, or by crushing their heads with our psychological hammer, fights space submarine It will become excessive quickly… and that’s fine. Especially since a certain reversal of the situation, two-thirds of the way, will complicate matters further.

Beyond viscera and blasts, we must also give back to Caesar what belongs to him: a world space submarine, where we are actually playing a super soldier who is close to three meters in size, he is very huge. This is true in the number of enemies to fight, but also in the size of the landscape and the breadth of the cities we will have to fight in. Only at the beginning of the game, for example, is it necessary to restore a planetary defense cannon that fell into the hands of the Orks. The said cannon, which one imagines to be of great size, seeing from afar, for a few moments, is in fact so powerful that every warhead fired, huge in itself, shakes the walls and causes a wide shaking wave.

Another example? To get close to the place where the famous titans are made that we have to defend, you have to take a train and cross a giant bridge, which will require several minutes of travel, even when launching at a very high speed.

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What was said, space submarine Not a perfect game. First, whether it was due to the hardware resource error at the time, or the developers’ choice, the title was built for a very long time. Sure, a battle-damaged industrial planet wouldn’t look like a tropical paradise, but between a metal floor corridor and another, it’s hard to believe the folks at Relic didn’t copy parts of the game.

Another issue, the action game and the third person camera, says that there is a fairly high risk of getting stuck behind a wall and thus frantically trying to get out before opportunistic enemies can take advantage of it to kill us.

We were also going to do sequences using QTE, these keys to press quickly, at specific times, to achieve a goal. What do you want, it was the end of the 2000s, and we must think that the developers were convinced of the usefulness of the thing (it was never useful).

Fortunately, these flaws are not enough to guarantee this space submarine Either a failed game or a boring game. Fortunately, for Star Butcher fans, Captain Titus, who is in deep trouble at the end of the first game, is back for a second, which is set to be released relatively soon, after a forced hiatus of more than a decade. .

waiting, space submarine It’s still playable, even totally fun. Classic to revisit.

space submarine

Developer: entertainment leftovers

publisher: THQ

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 (Tested on Windows/Steam)

The interface is available in French

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