Resigned as a teacher to work at Walmart

A 28-year-old man in Ohio quit his job as a teacher to work as a store manager at Walmart, an ad spread on TikTok.

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The man worked as a reading and second-grade teacher for six years, he recounted in a TIkTok video posted in July.

He explains that the only reason he changed his job was salary and working conditions. At Walmart, no degree was needed, he said, while they offered a better salary.

“Imagine if our teachers could focus on their teaching work instead of having to combine two jobs, working on weekends to make ends meet,” he explained in an interview with the program. good morning america, Thursday.

“I absolutely don’t want people to think I want to dissuade anyone from becoming a teacher,” he continued. “This is not the case. I just want my teacher friends to get paid appropriately.”

Goshorn’s original video on TikTok was only six seconds long. He can be seen flaunting his Walmart uniform as a store manager. He added in the caption, “He left teaching after six years to become a Walmart manager and earn more without using my degree.”

Goshorn will act as the inventory management specialist and will ensure that delivery trucks are unloaded. He says he’ll make $55,000 a year before bonuses, compared to $43,000 for his teaching job.

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