Republicans have been accused of hypocrisy over classified Biden documents

Republicans have been accused of hypocrisy over classified Biden documents

Their discontent is pure theatrePresidential spokesman Ian Sams said during an exchange with the press about these revelations that are very embarrassing for the US president.

After leaks in the media, The White House acknowledged last week that the records trace back to Vice President Joe Biden’s tenure, from 2009 to 2017It was discovered in one of his former offices in Washington and at his family’s home in Wilmington, Delaware.

The case is embarrassing because Democrats did not hesitate to criticize former Republican President Donald Trump, who was targeted by a judicial investigation for keeping boxes full of documents when he left Washington in 2021.

to silence suspicions Two weights, two measuresAnd The Justice Department on Thursday assigned investigations into the cases of Joe Biden to an independent special prosecutorlike He did it for Donald Trump.

Parliamentary investigation

However, the Republican opposition has denounced the drip executive communications. Exploiting her slight majority in the House of Representatives, she launched a parliamentary inquiry and demanded more information.

We have received some messages from the Chairman of the Executive Oversight Committee on this matter.admitted Ian Sams. We are studying these messages and will make a decision in due course.

We will respond in good faith, but we expect elected members of Congress to show the same good faith And We will deplore any rampant hypocrisy that indicates the lack of credibility of these requestshe added.

political stunt

According to him, the Republicans They feign anger as they defend the actions of the former president.

They chose to make a political stunt. »

Quote from Ian Sams, US Presidential Spokesperson

The spokesperson also insisted that Joe Biden cooperate with justice, while his predecessor refused to return his archives, so that federal police officers would have to conduct a search of his residence in Florida this summer.

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For the rest, Ian Sams resorted to the confidentiality of the judicial investigation, refusing to answer specific questions from journalists.

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