Regional 2. Raon-L’Etape 2 Weak against Portugal’s Elsau

Regional 2. Raon-L’Etape 2 Weak against Portugal’s Elsau

Raon-l’Etape 2 – Portuguese Elsau


Recent outings at home have certainly been complicated for American Runners Latip. This time, the reserve who had a more than tough match against the Portuguese from Elsau was still fighting for survival in this R2 championship. From the start of the meeting, the match smelled like a trap for Paul Alo Ivolo’s comrades. in 4H Minutes into the match, the right side of the local defense was surprised by the dribbling and flooding of Sibay and Hernin. The centre-half from Lohandjola’s first is found at the near center. His recovery feinted a well-placed Salemi who could only touch the ball without blocking the opening goal. But Raon 2’s problems didn’t stop there. Salmi came out well against Omgba (17) before Ayoub was injured, who was one of the few Raonnais who moved forward (19). The locals finally reacted to a missed volley from Rio on a cross, but Vonderflick failed to put more power on his toe shot (38).

Great result

Once healed, Raon avoided the correctional facility. Salmi came out well at Fane’s feet, but losing the ball in the second half allowed Omgba to find himself in a good position to shoot, but Salmi delayed the deadline again (46′). Elsau coach Azzedine Nagy declared, “The fact that we scored so early, well done, relieved us and gave us confidence. Raon still gave his best and didn’t make it easy for us. They weren’t there to let us win. But throughout the match, we put more power in and showed We want to save ourselves.”

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Because Raon controlled the land, with a high but sterile possession, without being able to create an opportunity. And to top it all off, they left a lot of space behind their backs, which the visitors took full advantage of. On a 3-on-2 response, Alsatians doubled the lead despite first Salmi parrying a heptathlon shot, but Lohandjola resumed and hit hard under the crossbar (0-2, 75). Elsu then squandered it 3-0 three times, quite spectacularly and despite instances of numerical superiority. Raon 2 responded only at the end of the match with a free kick next to Omombe.

Halftime 0-1. Referee: Mr. Ernst. Goals: Luhandjola (4, 75′)Raon-L’Etape 2: Salmi, Belmaki, Stockert, Duduit, Coulibaly, Schaller, Felipe, Vonderflick, Rahu, Omumbi, Job; Turman. Elsau Portuguese: Rio, Hernine, Heni, El Faraci, Gael, Belen, Sebaa, Sissy, Omgba, Luhandjola, Bchiri; Gibran, Fanny.

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