Reading Ideas ► Comics: Humor and reality intersect

Reading Ideas ► Comics: Humor and reality intersect

The Grizzly A Funny Chabanais

There are cartoons that border on perfection. The fantasy thriller plays nicely with slang (a glossary is provided at the end of the story for the uninitiated). Retro vibe as in a Maigret movie, cheery realism, pavement-bearing story and all, cheers for a quality Dargaud album. Looking forward to the second volume.

Volume 1, Comic strip by Matz (screenplay) and Fred Simon (drawing and colouring), 64 pages, €16, published March 31, Dargood.

“The monastery does not make the monk”

A know-how-and-do-it-all author with a touch of humor and a little sarcastic iconography that makes each gag a fun target with its own universe. A walk in his own world, he recounts his artistic world with distance and subtlety.

Comic strip by Labe (text, drawing, colors) 56 pages, 13.90 euros, published in March, Floyd Glacial.

Articles 2-2 - Meaux lotto Lions April 1-21, 2023

“No Collar” by Michele Pedinelli

Here is the return of the detective Giulia Bucanera, who raises a section of the Italian youth who dreamed of overthrowing the institutions in the seventies. It seems that the noisy world holds a heavy secret that somewhat entangles the threads of a private investigator busy searching in Nice for a worker who disappeared in mysterious circumstances. A good suspense thriller should help broaden its audience, and the first three books have already seduced it.

Novel, 256 pages, 18.90 euros, published March 22nd, Editions de l’Aube.

“Carlett is a modern traveler”

Let’s dive into the history of the great expeditions of the end of the 16th century dominated by talented Portuguese and Spanish navigators, as well as the (real) adventure of the Italian merchant Carletti, the first to circumnavigate the globe. An altruistic outlook, a genuine openness to the cultures we encounter, and a deep loathing for slavery for a very subtle outline of a new world that in many ways resembles our own.

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Comic strip by Giorgio Albertini, 288 pages, 23 euros, published April 5, Casterman.

“Those Who No Longer Exist” The Anastasis Project

Here’s the full story regarding a neurobiological experiment conducted by the Russian government. A captivating story that touches on science, but also touches on Alzheimer’s disease afflicting Natasha, a teacher with an extraordinary IQ, who quickly becomes the center of scientists’ attention.

Comic strip by Philippe Pellaez (screenplay) and Olivier Mangin (drawing), 72 pages, 15.90 euros, published in March, Grand Angel.

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