Raymond Domenech pays Cristiano Ronaldo after Portugal beat Switzerland at the World Cup (Video)

Raymond Domenech pays Cristiano Ronaldo after Portugal beat Switzerland at the World Cup (Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer unanimous. On Tuesday, December 6, Portugal faced Switzerland in the World Cup round of 16. The match in which the Ballon d’Or did not start five times, since his coach Fernando Santos made the decision to leave his striker on the bench. The latter was singled out by his coach for his poor attitude against South Korea during the group stage:During the match, I didn’t hear anything. I saw him fight with Corey. I’ve seen the pictures since then and didn’t like it at all. These matters are settled internally. been settled. a period.

Despite the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal had no problem winning well against Switzerland (6-1), thanks to a hat-trick from Goncalo Ramos, substitute “CR7” at the top of the Lusitania attack. For his part, Ronaldo played the role of 73e minute, but failed to score the goal. So the Portuguese has not yet been able to score in the knockout stage of the World Cup.

After the game, columnists wrote in Evening team He wondered if there was a causal link between Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence from Portugal’s starting line-up and Seleção’s compelling performance against Switzerland. Thus, Ludovic Obranjak felt that despite Gonzalo Ramos’ excellent performance, Portugal still had to rely on its captain for the rest of the World Cup: “It is the story of a match and it will remain the story of the match. Of course you have to congratulate this kid (Gonzalo Ramos), he was under a lot of pressure in a high level match. Maybe Portugal would play better without Cristiano Ronaldo, but I think Portugal will go furtherconfirms the former Polish international, before adding:Because in matches that will count, and complex matches, you need experience, and a mind of steel. With Ronaldo, you still have other assets for the future.

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from his side, Raymond Dominic They didn’t take half measures to criticize Cristiano Ronaldo’s lack of contribution to the Portugal game: “I saw the picture at 81e A minute when he should go deep… I thought my grandfather was there and he wasn’t going any more! Made me feel sorry…”, he exclaimed with irony, the former coach of the French national team. For Raymond Domenech, 37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo has become the Portuguese heavyweight of choice:“Compared to what he is and what he used to be, yeah, they play better without him because they’re already playing eleven instead of playing ten, because he can’t anymore. He can still, in a corner or something, but in the game they are absolutely useless. So yeah, they play better without it.Now let’s see how Fernando Santos intends to use Cristiano Ronaldo in the quarter-final between Morocco and Portugal scheduled for Saturday (December 10th).


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