Raid on the home of a political science professor

Raid on the home of a political science professor

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In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a political science professor saw soldiers trying to storm his home on Friday, accusing him of harboring militiamen. Alphonse Mindo is a human rights activist, studying at Kisangani University. He thinks he is worried because of his recent attitudes.

At about three in the morning the men of the university were awakened by a knock on his door. ” My guard called me to tell me that there is FARDC wanting to come back ‘, testify, join him Emily Tolet From the Africa Editorial Board.

After insisting that law enforcement submit a search warrant, he posted messages on social media for ” Alert friends “.Finally, the soldiers submitted an arrest warrant for Mr. Mindo, which came in.” Apparently he wrote that they come for the terrorists ADF I was staying at my house ‘, according to him. A search followed in his house: illogical. They were looking everywhere, in wallets, envelopes, etc. »

The Congolese constitution recognizes everyone’s right to say what they think, and you can’t silence someone ‘, He is indignant because, according to him, it was his recent attitudes that earned him this visit. On the occasion of the anniversary of Six-Day WarHe lamented the impunity for those responsible for the crimes committed in the year 2000, he said. You made it clear that the Congolese state has failed in its responsibilities to prosecute criminals who still hold positions in the army, police and government… I also said that the state has its responsibilities to bring justice to the victims and to repair the damage they have done ‘, denotes the university.

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Then because he wondered about it The resurgence of current tensions between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. « I have said clearly that I do not see any interest in Rwanda in supporting the March 23 movement at this time, objectively, because it has been able to get more without bloodshed. Since the change in the system, many agreements have been signed ‘, he explains.

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