Quit smoking, a new campaign targeting the most disadvantaged groups

Despite multiple prevention campaigns against the dangers of tobacco, nearly 15 million French people still smoke today, daily or now and then. People with lower socioeconomic incomes are particularly affected by smoking. Santé Publique France is launching a new campaign to encourage smoking cessation, this time dedicated specifically to these people.

Smoking and social and economic level

Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in France., with more than 75,000 deaths annually. From year to year, media and prevention campaigns followed each other to:

  • Warning of the dangers of tobacco.
  • Encourage smokers to stop smoking ;
  • Provide information about smoking cessation assistance and support systems.

Recent epidemiological data show that after declining over several consecutive years, tobacco consumption tends to stagnate in the population as a whole. On the other hand, it increases among the most socially and economically disadvantaged people. In this context, Santé Publique France, in partnership with the Ministry of Solidarity, Health and Health Insurance, is launching a new campaign dedicated specifically to this population, which runs from February 14 to March 13 2022.

A campaign designed specifically for the most disadvantaged groups

The goal of this new campaign to encourage smoking cessation is multiple:

  • Start reducing tobacco consumption Among the most socially and economically disadvantaged;
  • Best Report Remove fears associated with quitting smoking ;
  • Encourage smokers to Using help and support systems to quit smoking.

This campaign primarily targets the most disadvantaged, revolves around everyday situations and testimonies of ex-smokers or smokers in the process of quitting, broadcast on social networks, on billboards, or again on the main media. It also depends on:

  • Intervenors with job seekers, precarious persons, persons with disabilities,…;
  • Health professionals with specific tools for clinicians.
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Smoking cessation is possible and available to everyone

The campaign was developed to show that it is possible for every smoker to quit, thanks to Various support and assistance systems :

  • nicotine alternatives
  • accompanying a health professional (pharmacist, doctor, etc.);
  • use a support group;
  • Professionals and Tobacco Info Service app, 100% free services and therefore within everyone’s reach.

The expected benefits of smoking cessation are clearly highlighted, both in terms of health, but also financial savings and quality of life. This new campaign aims to give everyone the right to quit smoking and give them every chance to succeed in quitting smoking for good. The procedure is part of a more global approach to Reducing social and regional health disparities in France.

Estelle B. Doctor of Pharmacy

A campaign to encourage people to quit smoking, targeting in particular smokers who are most vulnerable from a social and economic point of view santepubliquefrance.fr. Accessed February 24, 2022.

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