Putin ‘proud’ of Russian military action in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was “proud” on Tuesday of the move his soldiers made in Ukraine, and promised to further strengthen his army.

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“We are proud that during the special military operation our fighters acted with courage and professionalism like true heroes,” he said, using the term authorized by the authorities to describe the Russian attack on Ukraine.

Putin was speaking in the Kremlin to graduates of Russian military academies and senior military officials.

Referring to the sanctions imposed on Russia, he also saw that “they will be overcome – for sure.”

“In the face of new risks and threats, we will develop and strengthen our armed forces,” he said, promising to commission this year the latest ICBM, the Sarmat.

“There is no doubt that we will be stronger,” the Russian leader attacked.

Russia claims that it launched its attack on Ukraine on February 24 to prevent an alleged “genocide” of the Russian-speaking population there.

Thus, the Russian judiciary punishes with fines and prison sentences for remarks contrary to this official line, where it is forbidden, for example, to describe this conflict as a war or to provoke crimes committed by Russian soldiers.

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